yoghurt marinades

New innovations from Verstegen:

People are always becoming more concious about What they eat. The pros and cons of foods are now Readily available for anyone to see, so it's key That your food contains no nasty surprises.

With this in mind, Verstegen HAS developed three new marinades That use goats yoghurt. With less left to allergies than cow's milk, goat yogurt can offer a safer alternative to food production. In Addition to containing important vitamins and nutrients, there's ook left to suggest it helps the body absorb iron better.

Just as home on fish and salads as it is on meats. Your options are endless.

Greek Style: 

Thyme, oregano, garlic, onion and rosemary make up the key flavors That Greek cooking set aside. With thesis Recognisable flavors combined with the sheer, creamy taste of goat yogurt, your food can take up a rich, authentic Greek flavor That compliments your food perfectly.

South American Style:

There's plenty of ingredients That stand out with South American cooking. Such a bold flavor profile, lends itself to strong herbs and spices. That's why our South American marinade is based upon chillies, ginger and garlic to make it as authentic as possible. The red peppers and coriander leaves ook add to the depth of flavor you get. 

Indian Style:

Nigella seeds are used in Indian cooking or at to Enhance the flavor of meat. Because of this, we've made ​​it the base for our marinade, combi ning it with warm spices like corainder, cloves and fennel. When combined with the goat yogurt, it helps create an authentic meal with no hassle.