organic marinade

Organic food has become more and more important in recent times. Whether it's meat, fish or vegetables; the traceability and sustainability of food has never been more important.
Verstegen is responding to this need with a range of marinades, made entirely with our organic herb sand spices. The three new organic marinades fit in well with out range of herbs and spices that also carry the SKAL certificate, along with our 'pure' label. With this, we can add innovation and flavour to your organic produce.

Organic marinade - Kari 

Turmeric, cumin, caraway, cardamom and black pepper: These are the spices which characterise the Organic Marinade - Kari. Each herb and spice can be identified in the marinade as it lends a great colour and gloss to any product.

Organic marinade - Rubi

A spicy blend of paprika and chilli gives Organic marinade - Rubi an instantly recognisable flavour. Combined with flavours garlic, oregano, black pepper and the highest quality sunflower oil, the flavour of your food is enhanced and gets a glossy finish.

Organic marinade - Verde

Mediterranean influences any marinade in a positive way. And this means that rosemary, thyme, oregano and garlic are always included. These garden herbs can clearly be tasted in the Organic marinade - Verde.