Allergen free satay sauce


Verstegen's 'Pure' satay sauce is made without any peanuts or any other declarable allergens. This is available in an 11 litre bucket, which makes it perfect for any kind of food production on a larger scale.

Satay sauce is much loved ingredients across the world, but it can be a very difficult sauce to use due to the high number of people that suffer from severe peanut allergies or an intolerance to any other allergens. Thankfully, Verstegen's latest innovation allows customers to enjoy the rich taste of satay sauce, without worrying about any possible allergic reactions.

Rather than just being free from the 14 declarable allergens, our Pure satay sauce is clear of 24 different sources of allergic reactions. The sauce is also free from MSG and contains minimal levels of salt.

All of this possible without comprimising on the texture, flavour or usage of our original satay sauce. So you can use our Pure satay sauce and enjoy the full flavour without worrying about any allergies.