World Spice Blends

Give your food a blast of authentic world flavours with our range of spicemixes.

Perfect to use in burgers and sausages, or as a seasoning for ready meals and glazes. Each flavour of World Spice Blends contains the highest quality herbs and spices that perfectly sum up that style of cooking. You can now easily prepare food from all over the world.

The flavours available are:

Europe - Wild Garlic and Mace

By taking in the stronger, earthy flavours usually found around Northern Europ, you can add a distinctive flavour to any dish. The addition of garlic, chives, onion, mace and porcini mushrooms means you can create classics from Scandinavia to France and not lose the character of each country.  

Mediterranean - Rosemary and Saffron 

By utilising thr flavours that made Mediterranean cuisine one of the most popular in the world, you can make any dish memorable. Onion, tomato, saffron, garlic, oregano, thyme and rosemary all come through clearly to add that Mediterranean feeling to your food. 


Asia - Kentjur and Szechuan 

Countries such China, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand have some of the most famous and recognisable flavours to their food. By making the most of the ingredients like tamarind, Szechuan pepper and kentjur, you can easily add this classic flavour profile to your food. 


Africa - Roobios and Lemon 

Give your dish the iconic flavours of classic African cuisine. Ingredients like rooibos, lemon peel, clove and cinnamon make this blend unique and instantly recognisable. Ideal for beef, you can add warming flavours and bright colours to your counter.


Arabic - Cinnamon and Fennel

Get the authentic flavours of rich Arabic food with our blend of cinnamon, fennel, ginger, turmeric and nigella seeds. By giving your food a boost of colour and flavour, you can make it stand out with a flavour profile that will keep people coming back. 


Latin America - Huacatay and Mirasol

Latin American cuisine comes from countries that produce some of the most iconic flavours in the world. Each dish tends to focus around colour and passion that covers everything from spicy snacks to grilled meat. It's sure to give your food a strong robust flavour.