At Verstegen, we believe that people should be able to use a wide variety of differently sourced ingredients without having to compromise on the quality. Because of this, we have a large selection of herbs, spices and blends that are certified as being organic.

Each herb, spice and blend has had to be thoroughly tested in order to qualify as being organic, these include soil testing and frequent checks from independent companies.

Organic farming focuses on the traditional farming methods that have been used over generations. They avoid using fertilisers as well as synthetic pesticides.

For a product to qualify as organic, the harvest and production must meet certain legal requirements. EU legislation states that a product can only carry the organic logo once it has aheared to all of these criteria. 

Verstegen has been certified by the SKAL foundation as an offical producer of organic products. The foundation is constantly monitering our compliance with the legal requirements and keeps consumers and producers up to date with any possible changes. The reason behind companies like these is to protect our customers against fraud. There is a large market for falsely labeled organic produce, whereas foundations like SKAL help keep our customers informed properly.