Business Units

Verstegen Consumer

A taste for every dish, every moment and every kitchen

Verstegen is also visibly present in the supermarket with a complete product range. With more than 200 different herbs, spices, marinades, sauces and pastes, all in stylish packaging. Far too many to mention here! Why not try them yourself?

Verstegen Professional

Verstegen in the professional kitchens. This Business Unit is seperated in two segments, namely Fresh Services and Foodservice.

Fresh Services
As a fresh specialist you want to surprise your customers again and again and inspire. therefore you bring your love and passion for fresh and reflect it in your store whicj increases the high level of service to your customers. We share that passion for fresh. And would like to help to translate this through in your range, as partners. This shared passion is the reason that we always want to deliver and can offer the best quality. It starts at the origin, for only the finest flavors are created with the highest quality. In it we want to continue to challenge you. To keep on inspirering you with innovative concepts and new flavors to match needs and trends. Part of it can be found in this Verstegen Fresh Services range. The other part is yet to be created together with you. So together we can give fresh a new dimension. Driven by our passion for fresh.


‘Chef’ is a title you are not simply accorded, it is one you have to earn, day after day by creating the finest dishes with the best flavours. We share that passion for flavour and that is why you are always our starting point. Every flavour, every dish, every ingredient, it starts with you, with your wishes and ideas; with your taste. It is our goal to help achieve those wishes. We do this by supplying the very best quality products, by delivering the latest flavour trends and innovations, and by providing even more far-reaching service. You can see that in everything we do and in everything we deliver. You can not only see it in the products within this brochure, but also in the way in which we conduct ourselves as a company and in the way we share ideas with our customers. Driven by this approach, we want to help you make beautiful dishes, so that we can achieve our goals together. The desire to inspire and stimulate you to come up with new wishes and ideas is in our DNA. Inspired by your passion for taste.

Verstegen Industry

Your partner in the food industry

Verstegen Industry and our clients serve the supermarkets and wholesalers by means of end products. Therefore, Verstegen endeavours to be the ideal partner in the food industry, in the broadest sense of the word. We like to develop new concepts and surprising tastes with you. Verstegen also takes care of support, using whatever techniques are necessary, to assist our clients.