As a partner of MVO Nederland Verstegen Spices & Sauces contributes, both inside and outside the company, actively to corporate social responsibility. 

Verstegen has defined an own definition for CSR: "CSR is the business strategy with focus on people, environment, society and continuity in balance." Satisfied customers and a high, constant product quality, are central. 

CSR is a process, not a destination. The goals pursued change in time and with every business decision. There is continuous search for achievable steps to ensure and shape the social responsibility.


These include themes on social ethics and human resources but also on society at large. Examples include protection of human rights, gender relations, discrimination, participation and conduct. In underdeveloped countries examples are child labor and Fair Trade.

For this purpose achievements are calculated in the area of the environment in general: environmental care, supply chain management, cleaner production and sustainable development. For a long time Verstegen has been very active in the field of the environment, from a deep respect for our own surroundings. For that reason all the obvious and less obvious measures are embedded in the organization and registered  in an environmental report. 

Verstegen wishes to be an example for society when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Verstegen, for example has its own social working area where employees are examined on whether or not they are permitted to work be included in the regular production process. Verstegen also annually donates an amount of money  to a (changing) charity. This also shows the social commitment of Verstegen.