New Website

Welcome to the completely revamped Verstegen website, a website with a new look and new options that is ready for the future. All Verstegen business units have been given their own pages on this new website, each with its own range and other items. This makes it easy to find and also share your own information as a customer.


The first thing we hope you will notice is the new look of the website. Each business unit has its own landing page, with its own use of colour which you can easily navigate through thanks to the large and colourful blocks. The new landing pages will very quickly give you an impression of the up-to-date concepts and products of the relevant business unit. The large blocks are particularly convenient when you are viewing the Verstegen website on your tablet or phone. Naturally, you will also find all the familiar items in the menu bar. The website is configured in such a way that the format of the site adjusts to the device you are viewing it on. So you don't need to zoom in on your tablet or phone in order to be able to view the website properly - the website does this for you automatically.


You can not only view the products in each business unit's range, you can now also buy them directly. The only exception is Food Industry, where the products and quantities are often tailor-made. For the professional ranges, you do need to be registered with a VAT number in order to be able to see the prices and place orders. For consumers, this is naturally not necessary.

About Verstegen

Where we had a separate page for the 'About Verstegen' items on the previous website, we have now centralised them at the bottom of each page. So now it doesn't matter which page you are on - you can quickly scroll down for information about Verstegen itself  on each page.

We are very proud of the website and we are sure we have made it easy for you too. In spite of many checks, it is always possible that a few mistakes may have crept into the website. If you come across anything that is incorrect or looks odd, please let us know.