Organic agriculture

Organic agricultural maintains the balance between humans, plants and animals. Artificial fertiliser is avoided together with chemical and synthetic pesticides.  Animals are 

kept in the best possible circumstances as far as accommodation and feed are concerned. Furthermore, genetically modified organisms are not permitted.

Organic products

To be able to give a product the organic title on the label the production has to adhere to specific norms, which are set out in European law. European law only permits the labeling as "organic" when the product or animal has been supplied with a organic certificate and is from organic origin.


By order of the Dutch government the" Skal organisation" certifies organic products on the EKO (organic) label. Besides that, the organisation supervises the compliance with the law concerning the rules and regulations of biological production of food. They also look after a constant stream of information to consumers and producers.

Objective Skal

Skal certificates protect the consumer against misleading practices. This way fraud is prevented. Organic products are recognisable by the special EKO (organic) logo and the word organic.

Verstegen and Skal

Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. is Skal certificated for the preparation and packaging of a number of single and mixed organic spices and herbs, as well as herb pastes.  Besides those, a number of special organic mixtures can be supplied on special customer specific demand.