Meaning of Halal

Halal is a food preparation method with clear rules, which Muslims must obey. Halal food is prepared according to Muslim laws relating to food. Take meat, for example. Meat is only allowed for consumption if the animal was slaughtered according to religious custom. The animal must also have lived in a dignified way and not have been subjected to stress and abuse. There are also rules relating to other foodstuffs.


Halal International Control (HIC) is an independent organisation that issues Halal certificates internationally. The basis for correct Halal inspection is formed by accuracy and a knowledge of one’s facts, combined with a high degree of integrity. These are the norms and values which form the basis of HIC’s reason d’etre. HIC works closely with the Al Azhar research academy and the Dar ul Ifta commission, both established in Cairo. With these renowned bodies for support, HIC is able to provide a meticulous and reliable answer to questions relating to Halal food.

Verstegen and Halal

Halal food is becoming increasingly important. Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. is responding to increasing market demand with a Halal range comprising 27 products. For specific questions, you can contact us at any time.