Sustainability is a key aspect within Verstegen Spices & Sauces. As a family business this is obvious, after all, we work for the children of our children. Verstegen considers it important to learn from other companies but also to encourage them to undertake more sustainable. Cooperation is of great importance, real impact occurs by doing it together. Verstegen therefore wants to play an active role in enhancing the CSR network within every country where she operates. Verstegen is partner of among other CSR Netherlands and of the Sustainable Spice Initiative.  We take our responsibility in the supply chain and in the internal organization. The chain from the farm to the consumer must be transparent, fair and durable for man, the environment and society.  Sustainability is a process and not a final destination. The goals to be pursued in CSR change over time and with each business decision. We continuously search  for practicable steps to our social responsibility. The Sustainable Development Goals are a guideline in this search. These so called SDG's are formulated by the United Nations and are widely applied. Verstegen signed the SDG charter in spring 2017. Thus we indicate that we want to contribute actively to the achievement of these goals.As a partner of MVO Nederland Verstegen Spices & Sauces contributes, both inside and outside the company, actively to corporate social responsibility. 

Verstegen has defined an own definition for CSR: "CSR is the business strategy with focus on people, environment, society and continuity in balance." Satisfied customers and a high, constant product quality, are central. 

CSR is a process, not a destination. The goals pursued change in time and with every business decision. There is continuous search for achievable steps to ensure and shape the social responsibility.


Verstegen contributes in many ways to corporate social responsibility. These topics are divided into three areas. Click on the areas for complete information.

We want to make the most of the talents of own employees and of people with a distance to the labour market. We want to also offer opportunities to future generations.

Verstegen has been very active in the field of environment, from a deep respect for our environment. So are all obvious and less obvious measures already embedded in the Organization and set out in an environmental report. We want to be  CO2 neutral in 2025 with regard to all internal processes and have an active waste management policy.

Verstegen would like to make a difference in the supply chain. We focus on Indonesia,the country that is an important part of our history and  where many of the finest spices come from.