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Welcome to the favorite page of the Picolier. My name is Peter Dumont, picolier at Verstegen. A picolier is someone who is specialized in working with herbs & spices. Where they come from, how you can use them, which flavours they have, which dishes you can make with it, enough to mention. 


Spices & herbs have a great influence in all world cuisines. The final result on the plate is for a significant proportion defined by these seasonings.. 

Stories with taste 

Each herb and spice has its own story. The climate and soil conditions for herbs and spices are as important as in grapes for wine. Harvesting is also an important factor for the quality. A good and tasty fish, meat or vegetables can be messed up if poor quality herbs and spices are used. 

Less salt

By finding the right balance in the use of different herbs and spices, the salt level can be reduced in cooking. 

More information

On these pages you can find a lot of information about herbs and spices. The history, storage tips and preparation techniques. But if you still have a specific question about a single herb or spice then the Picolier is here fro you. You can ask a question directly by email or via the Twitter account of the Picolier.

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Picolier Peter Dumont  

Peter Dumont

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