Yoghurt marinades based on goat milk yoghurt

More and more people are consciously adopting a healthy diet. Goat’s milk is an ideal element of this. Not only is it less likely to result in a cow’s milk allergy, but it is also full of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. And it helps our blood absorb iron better. This was the inspiration behind Verstegen’s latest innovation: three yoghurt marinades based on goat’s milk, for deliciously tender meat.

Yoghurt Marinade

Yoghurt marinade Greek Style

The Greek influences come from thyme, oregano, garlic, onion and rosemary. They are combined in this marinade with the pure, creamy flavour of goat milk yoghurt. This gives meat an unmistakeable Greek accent. Beautiful, pale orange dairy marinade with characteristic flecks.

Packaging: Tub 11 kg

Yoghurt marinade South-American

The cuisine of ‘The South’ might not be world famous, but the flavours are definitely characteristic. Chillies, ginger and garlic dominate the meat dishes. You can see the flecks of red pepper and coriander leaves in this yellow/orange dairy marinade and the creamy yoghurt flavour is balanced beautifully with the herbs and spices.

Packaging: Tub 11 kg

Yoghurt marinade Indian Style

In India, Nigella Seeds are a well-known way of enhancing the flavour of meat. They are also the secret behind this yellow ochre marinade, with its eye-catching flecks. With warm spices such as coriander, cloves and fennel, combined with the creamy taste of goat’s milk, it creates an authentic Eastern atmosphere at the table.

Packaging: Tub 11 kg


• Dose: 200 g per kilo.
• Marinating time: If marinated for at least 12 hours, the product takes on a wonderful intense flavour and colour.
• Store in a refrigerator