Alongside our own web shops, Verstegen's products are also on sale at various locations. The professional and consumer products each have their own sales outlets.


Our herbs & spices, spice mixes, sauces and marinades in consumer packaging are available at most supermarkets:

Agrimarkt, Albert Heijn, Boni, Boon, Coop, Coopcompact, Deen, Dekamarkt, Em-Té, Attent, Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, Jumbo, MCD, Nettorama, Plus, Poiesz, Spar, Supercoop and Vomar Voordeelmarkt.

Supermarkets determine their own assortment, therefore the offer can vary by supermarket chain and supermarket. At Bas van der Heijden, Digros and Dirk van den Broek for example Verstegen satay sauce is solely available.

Besides the supermarket channel, you can also turn to butcher shops, poultry and wholesalers for our products.


The products for the Fresh Services (artisan) market and the Food Service market are available direct from Verstegen (website and sales department) and via national wholesalers. Naturally, you do need to have a Chamber of Commerce number to use them. There is a separate range for the Fresh Services market and the Food Service market, which is also sold via various wholesalers.

The Food Service products are sold by the most popular food service wholesalers: Sligro, DeliXL, Hanos, Foodpartners, De Kweker, Horesca, Kreko, Makro, VHC groep, Actifood, Zegro, etc.

The Fresh Services products are sold by the artisan wholesalers: Arts Vleeswaren, Foodimpuls, Boonstra Verswaren, Delmo, Smedes, Foodpartners, Interkring, Ter Brugge, Polaris, Verscentrum, Vink vleeswaren, Weidelco, etc.

If your wholesaler or shop is not listed, you can always buy the products from our web shops.