In 2012, Verstegen Spices & Sauces was officially certified for RiskPlaza. RiskPlaza is a database containing information about the food safety of ingredients. RiskPlaza stores information about the risks which can be associated with ingredients and the control measures which can be taken to control those risks. The RiskPlaza audit was performed by the company LIoyd’s.

The aim of RiskPlaza is to reduce the workload on companies connected with the assurance of ingredients' food safety. This takes place by:

  1. Giving the food chain a clear and transparent picture of the risks which can occur in ingredients;
  2. Providing insight into the control of those risks;
  3. Taking checks on the assurance of food safety to a higher level.

In a RiskPlaza-audit+, the certifying institution (CI) performs an additional audit at a participating company on top of the existing food safety certificate (HACCP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22.000, FSSC 22000 or an approved hygiene code). This additional RiskPlaza-audit+ is aimed at assuring the food safety of ingredients. During the audit, a company must be able to demonstrate that the possible risks associated with ingredients have been controlled. From 2008, suppliers can have their measures to control the ingredients risks identified in RiskPlaza verified by certifying institutions. If those measures are in order, the company will be included on the list of RiskPlaza-audit+ firms. The RiskPlaza-audit+ is performed during or after the regular food safety audit (HACCP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22.000, FSSC 22000 or approved hygiene code). The frequency of the RiskPlaza-audit+ is the same as for the regular food safety audits. Per company, a maximum of one RiskPlaza-audit+ needs to be performed every year.